About Us



Red Cherry Lane was inspired by my admiration for fabulous fabric designers like Patty Young,
Sandi Henderson, Erin McMorris and Jenean Morrison.

I have always been the creative, crafty one in my family and from a young age was taught to sew by my grandmother on her prehistoric Husqvarna sewing machine. At the age of 13 I really got stuck into sewing clothes for my sister, mum and myself, and spent many nights as a teenage glued to my sewing machine until the early hours of the morning. 

For about 5 years my sewing machine suffered ‘lack of attention syndrome’ while I focused on full time employment, house renovations and the arrival of my three children. During this time I tried my hand at many other crafts like ceramic painting, mosaics, home furnishings and cross stitch. Children, particularly little girls, provided me with new enthusiasm and a great excuse to start creating and making things for the many little girls in my life.

In 2010 I decided to really let loose and try my hand at selling some of my many creations, so I launched the label Red Cherry Lane. Red Cherry Lane is my creative outlet and has given me the excuse to convert one of our bedrooms into the officially named Sewing Room. I hope you like my little bits and pieces as much as I enjoy making them.